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Non-Destructive Testing

Foreign Object Detection
Compact & Portable NDT
composite-check_icon Composite Check
Advanced Composite NDT
jet-check_icon Jet Check
Aircraft Inspection System
crack-check_icon Crack Check
NDT for Metallics and Ceramics
solar-check_icon Solar Check
Advanced NDT for Solar Panels
stress-check_icon Stress Check
Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
semi-check_icon Semi Check
Semiconductor Failure Analysis

Monitoring & Surveillance

IR-Monitor_icon IR Monitor
Remote Monitoring Software
- Critical Vessel Monitoring
- Substation Monitoring
- Plant Monitoring
Flare Stack Monitoring System
- 24/7 remote flare monitoring
- pilot flame detection

Automated Inspection

IR-Control_icon IR Control
Software package for thermographic imagery processing in real time.
- package inspection
- product inspection
- process control and monitoring

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